Stefan KrÜskemper


You are Art · Zuerich-School · Berlin
Air Borne · Humboldt Univ. · Berlin
Tsunami Desaster · Oslo (no)
Market Fountain · Chemnitz
Lucent Technologies · Nuremberg
Media Installation · Fair · Nuremberg



Superconstellation · Düsseldorf, a.o.
The Intricate Journey · Berlin, a.o.
Auratic City (proposal) · Leipzig
parkTV · Dessau, a.o.
Work about Work · Nuremberg, a.o.
Church C+ · Nuremberg



Get busy. A Game · Leipzig
Team Fiction · Cali (co)
Beautiful Day · Tokyo (jp)
Living without Money · Vienna (at)
Windowviewer · Melbourne (au)
Morphoskop · Zurich (ch)





Integrative Art · Public Art
Projects by Stefan Krüskemper operate in public and in public spaces, using artistic resources to tackle issues of personal, societal and context-specific relevance. As a consequence of his way of working, which depends on participation and on collaboration with persons concerned in various ways, conventional concepts of artistic authorship and technical competence have undergone a shift of meaning. On the one hand the artist works on initiatives of his own designed to explore the discursive potential opened up by art, while on the other he deals with enquiries. In terms of format, Stefan Krüskemper’s multimedial projects include situation-based interventions, site-specific installations and concept art.


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